They Called Him Jackson Sundown

Bronze Ed. 25 / ©2011

31" H x 16" L x 14" W


I happened to be in King’s Saddlery and noticed a poster of the upcoming Crow Fair and I asked who was the proud Indian depicted on the poster. Of course, the reply was “Well that’s Jackson Sundown”, feeling like an idiot, I pretended to know who that was, which I didn’t but soon did some research of the fellow. It didn’t take long to be enamored by his accomplishments.

Just for a brief synopsis, he was a full blood Nez Perce and a nephew to Chief Joseph. In 1877, he did make it to Canada and was welcomed in the Sitting Bulls camp. In a few years hew was back in the states and became a well-known bronc rider. In 1916 he won the world bronc riding title at the Pendleton Roundup. He was the ripe ol’ age of 53.

He was inducted to the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 1976 and is the only full blood Native American to do so.


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