Just LeDoux It

Tribute to Chris LeDoux for Cheyenne Frontier Days. / ©2020

Life and 1/2+


"I’m thrilled they’re honoring Chris LeDoux for the 125th Daddy of ‘em All. He has done so much for Cheyenne and the State of Wyoming, as he went to High School here, rodeo’d and performed as a headliner. A big thank you to the LeDoux family for their support and trust."

Like a bronc rider, a guitar man uses one hand to find a rhythm and the other to pull a melody out of the sky. They are both well versed at holding on for the duration of the ride and trying their best to make it to the end with a style that they can claim as their own. A guitar playing bronc rider has an advantage over the competition for he knows the tune before he even gets on the stage. Chris LeDoux was just that sort of a man.


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