Two Sides to Every Story

In celebration of my life-partner of 21 years; One side a mustang, the other, a groomed horse in a snaffle bit. The Edition is 15 / ©2020

28"h X 13"w x 18"l


My partner of 21 years, Peggy Drury was honored with the Distinguished Service Award” at our local Boys and Girls club, last November. When introduced, the speaker said “she was a swan and a pistol; Whiskey in a tea cup; a diamond that wanted to stay coal.”

I kept this in mind when sculpting the horse bust. One side a mustang, the other, a groomed horse in a snaffle bit.

This will become a focal point at the new Boys and Girls Club of the Big Horns, named after her. Peggy passed away suddenly, a week after being honored.

This monument has been dedicated and placed at the Boys & Girls Club of Wyoming, in honor of Peg's generosity and fundraising to help bring the new facility to fruition.

A groomed saddle horse lives a life that suits the whims of his owner. He has traded his free will for a nice place to live, a full stomach, and a welcome escape from the hard work of survival. A mustang, on the other hand, has never so much as felt the touch of a man. He gets groomed only by the free wind that blows knots in his mane and the dust he can roll from the ground onto his back. Like most humans, either horse would gladly trade the undesirable parts of his life for the corresponding parts of the other.


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