Just LeDoux It (20")

Just LeDoux it sculptures are available in 10" and 20", both featuring different patinas. This 20" version is Edition 50. / ©2020

24”h x 30”l x 12”w


These works celebrate Wyoming's own Chris LeDoux; Singer/Songwriter, World Champion Bareback Rider, and Sculptor.

Proceeds benefit the 125th Cheyenne Frontier Days celebration through the Cheyenne Frontier Days Foundation; Sculptures are available directly from Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Like a bronc rider, a guitar man uses one hand to find a rhythm and the other to pull a melody out of the sky. They are both well versed at holding on for the duration of the ride and trying their best to make it to the end with a style that they can claim as their own. A guitar playing bronc rider has an advantage over the competition for he knows the tune before he even gets on the stage. Chris LeDoux was just that sort of a man.


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