After the Dust Settles

The vision of artist D. Michael Thomas, was to portray a quiet spot that these war horses found, “After the Dust Settles”. Their riders fought relentlessly for their beliefs; However, the horses show no animosity, finding comfort in each other’s company, before they were rounded up and dealt with. / ©2019

12"H x 14"L x8"W


In this scene, the cavalry horse carries basically 1874 tack. In sculpting the Indian pony, Thomas used their unique style of saddle to help balance the composition. The long zig-zagging lines on the horse’s hind quarters are lightning marks with the intent to speed them into battle and terrify their foe. The circles around the eyes were to improve the horse’s vision. The hoof tracks on the right shoulder mark successful horse raids. The handprint on the left front reveals that he killed his adversary by hand to hand combat. The horizontal line on the front legs and nose are coup marks which were the highest tribal honor.


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