Rescue on the Rosebud

Bronze Ed. of 35 / ©2002

25"H x 20"L x 18"W


On June 17th, 1876, eight days prior to the Battle of Little Bighorn, a large number of Sioux and Cheyenne warriors surprised General George Crook and his troops of 1325 on Rosebud Creed. The Indians fought with cohesion and organization, seldom seen by the Army. After adjusting to organized attacks, the Indians shifted back to guerilla-style tactics, which totally frustrated the rhythm of the cavalry.

During one of these daring charges and countercharges, and individual act of bravery was recorded. A Cheyenne Warrior by the name of Comes In Sight, was rescued from certain death. One of Crook’s men had dropped Comes In Sight’s mount, leaving him afoot and easy prey for the scouts who closed in for the kill. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, dashed an unknown zig-zagging rider with bullets kicking up dust all around the rescuer, swinging himself up behind his savior, they escaped together. The person who so gallantly ignored the perils of the situation, was the sister of Comes In Sight, Buffalo Calf Road Woman. For her act of bravery, the Cheyennes recall with much pride, the Battle of the Rosebud, as the Battle “Where the Girl Saved Her Brother”.

Source: Battle of the Rosebud
Prelude to the Little Bighorn
By Neil C. Mangum

The gentle song of a lazy June morning is shattered by ten-thousand hooves pounding against the warm ground of summer. Waves of Lakota and Northern Cheyenne roll in from a massive sea of surprise and crash against General George Crook’s badly scattered 2nd Cavalry. A war pony who has traveled all night stumbles and falls, his thirty miles of endurance no match for the bullet that takes him down. As the horse meets his death on the blood soaked ground his rider, Comes In Sight, scrambles away and makes a frantic run for his life. Alone, he races, suspended between the sun and the dust, his death song chanting with each bullet that tears at the air around him. With the vision of a spirit that has left his body, he catches a glimpse of himself and a lone rider zig zagging through the firestorm. As the horse slides to him the terrified warrior reaches for the island of safety and realizes it to be the waist of his own sister, Buffalo Calf Road Woman. His good luck will make death wait for another day. Her courage will make her life last forever.


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